A simpler design than the Commercial Ladder, the Mini-Jomy or Artalu is narrower, lighter, has no guard rail and uses a basic catch system to open and lock the ladder. In other respects this ladder follows the same structural concepts and manufacturing quality as its larger relative.

The mobile elements are counterbalanced with stainless steel springs to enable effortless closing, regardless of ladder height.

The Ladder can be locked at ground level for access applications.

It can be mounted at a 105 degree angle (optional) to provide more shoulder space.

Because the ladder remains closed when not in use, ice and snow cannot accumulate on the rungs and a cap at the top prevents water from entering the ladder column, providing maintenance free operation.

Mini Jomy Ladder in use Artalu Ladder in use Eric an old friend and colleague testing

Above Mike testing a ladder in a Glasgow Secure Hospital establishment


below Eric testing a Ladder nearly 25 years ago.

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