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BAJ system design  was inspired and established following various engineering problems experienced at the founders then employer, J R Pearson, in Birmingham. The company in the 1970’s was moving from a pure craftsman based business into one where the craftsmen were supported by up to date technology of the day, more mechanisation, pneumatics, adhesives, better welding methods and computing. While the M.D. developed manufacturing methods, the Sales Directors worked on Advertising and  Public Relations B.J. (the founder of BAJ system design) worked to develop  computer software and infrastructure plus an involvement in mechanical engineering, where new bespoke machines were required.

In the late 1980’s B A J system design was established to try to exploit the knowledge gained from the varied developments and though still employed by J R Pearson BJ provided computing support for 5 medium sized companies in the Midlands Area where these organizations used Data General hardware and perhaps strangely provided mechanical engineering services to JRP customers where this was not an aspect that the Company wanted to be involved with.

The Company (JRP) was taken over by a competitor in 1992 and BJ left to concentrate on B A J system design but remained involved with  JRP for some years. Following the takeover JOMY S.A. a supplier of JRP’s fire escape ladders asked BAJ to be their U.K. agent instead of the new owners of J R Pearson.