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Balcony with Escape Ladder in the Base Balcony Telescopic Escape Ladder A Fire Escape or Access Ladder which is very strong & secure but opens in 3 Seconds.  Similar to a square drainpipe when not in use it is Silver Anodised in standard form but can be Powder Coated to a Standard Colour to match its surroundings.This Caged Ladder also known as Alfix or a Cat Ladder is made from anodised aluminium profiles.  The lower section can be counterbalanced to slide up for security or clearance.Alfix Aluminium Caged LadderRope Descent Fire Escape

Loft Ladders in various forms, sliding, concertina and folding manufactured in timber, aluminium and steel with various finishes.

Some Ladders can also be electrically powered which is specially useful for high ceilings.

Fire Escape Systems

These Balconies are constructed from special Anodised Aluminium Sections and can be colour coated if required. Also we can manufacture in other materials such as Stainless Steel with a glazed balustrade.

This example has a Hatch Unit Escape Ladder in its base.


Loft Ladders