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Rope Escape System for Emergency Escape

Ease and simplicity of operation, anyone can use it.

Single person operated, no assistance required.

In an Emergency Evacuation the speed regulator is attached to the support structure and the safety harness secured around the upper body. The operator can then quickly lower themselves to the ground (at about 1 metre per second) without the assistance of others, regardless of weather conditions.

The speed regulator eliminates the danger of a hard landing. People of all ages and weight descend about the same speed without serious landing shocks. The elderly, disabled, and children can all confidently use this system, though of course where there are mobility issues assistance may be required.

As one person descends the second harness attached at the opposite end of the cable returns to the top for use by the next person. An unlimited number of people can safely descend one after the other in this fashion.

The rope descent system can be installed in or near any opening large enough for the body to pass through. If the location of initial installation becomes unsafe during an emergency, simply detach the portable speed regulator and carry it to a safer location which must already have been fitted with a suitable mounting point.

Rope Descent

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Rope Descent System

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