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For further details, click here for a PDF Document ,1821 KB and 12 Pages. Balcony Escape Route

Please note: the standard  

finish of all Aluminium

items is Silver Anodised.

Designed as a Fire Escape Ladder the ‘Commercial Folding Ladder’ or Jomy provides

a secure fire escape ladder that can also be used as a means of access for maintenance personnel.

These ladders are quite small when closed,

all that can be seen is a 100 mm column

comparable to a square drainpipe. They can

be coated in a wide variety of colours to blend

in with the building décor. They are ideal for historic buildings where more obtrusive ladders

would not be appropriate.

Manufactured from Aluminium, stainless steel

and nylon, extreme weather conditions  pose

no operational problems.

A quarter turn of an operating handle located

at any exit  point unfolds the  ladder over its

full height. Springs compensate for the weight

and dampen the movement of the moving parts.

The side guard rail is opened by hand.

Folding Escape Ladder